Strategies to Score 90% in CBSE Board Exams

As board exams are inching closer, board graders are worried about their marks and percentage.  More than 10 lakh students are enrolled for CBSE Board Exams this session. Board graders started their harried late night studies with the feeling of dread. Each one of you wants to score good marks in your board exam but are you seriously following the proper strategy? Or you are just hitting the books all day, all night. Spend some time in reading these below points to score a high percentage in your board exams.

CBSE Board Exams

Improve your marks

Keep improving your previous marks, your present scores should be perfect then your pre-boards and class tests. Your marks graph should raise high, high and only high. If your marks are not progressing, then it is advised to take more concentration towards your board exam preparation.

Stick to your NCERT Book

Most of the students are there who always run behind the bulky reference books and neglect their NCERT Book. Toppers suggest to study with their NCERT books as most of the answers are asked from this book only. NCERT book  gets you a core knowledge on every subject. Reference books are good for those who want to be a part of competitive exams after 12th. Just stick to NCERT books, if you want to score high marks. Strengthen your weak points

Take out your answer sheet of class tests and pre-boards to find your mistakes, give a deep look into your answers and make a list of mistakes. Scratch those mistakes to their depths and convert them into the stronger ones.

Manage your time

Time management is one of the biggest factors responsible for your marks. Every student knows its importance but only a few takes it seriously and prepare accordingly. Make your preparations smart by applying time management to it so that you don’t miss any question on exam day just because you took so much time in solving just one question.

Don’t feel bored in solving sample papers

Understand the value of old assets, sample papers. All those students who spend money on buying reference books should solve sample papers. By solving sample papers, you can explore different questions of type and get a strong grip on your concepts. You can easily find all the previous year question papers on Internet.

Make your answer sheet look presentable

Even a single mark can make a difference in getting 90%. So, every activity for board preparations matters. Make your answer sheet look presentable, write answers in points in good handwriting. Add diagrams to your answers, and underline the important phrases.

This neat and clean funda will add up to 10 extra marks in your board exams.

Bonus Tip- Avoid all types of distractions

When you are busy with your social activities, you don’t realise that how much time you have wasted. So, to avoid this situation, you can just put your facebook, skype, whatsapp on rest, pack up your video games and cell phones for some time and focus fully on your board preparations.

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