Here We Offer You A Good Example Of A Research On Environmental Studies

Research on Environmental Studies

Environmental issues become more and more actual nowadays, and this makes Environmental Studies one of the most actual subjects of today. However, even though it may be easy to write an essay on this subject, one can have a tough time to handle the research on it. What topic to select? Which methods of data collection will be suitable? How to analyze the research results? How to save time, but deliver a qualitative writing piece? Those are only some of the questions a student may get a headache from. We will try to support you in such a touch case offering our little research. By the way, here we have got some help on this.


In the modern world, the disposal of waste is a keen issue. It is even a problem that is covered in the futuristic movies and cartoons (such as “Wall-e,” where the main hero is a machine for the waste disposal”). That is why addressing this issue in your research will be a good idea.

Environmental Studies


Every research needs an investigation to be carried out. In this particular case, there is a wide range of options. You may analyze the sources on the matter and perform a theoretical research on the field. However, it is advisory to make a practical survey, so you will make a contribution to the solution of the issue with the help of actual data collection.

The survey may be done in a form of respondents filling in the prepared questionnaire. Nevertheless, you may be your own object of research. Here we will tell you how to deal with this specific case connected with plastic waste disposal.

Model of the Research and Conditions

As it was claimed by the Huffington Post, plastic straws and cups are among the most popular means of the beach and sea trash. Moreover, it is kept for centuries without decomposing. Therefore, it will be a big contribution if more and more people refuse using plastic as much as this is possible.

The idea of the research is to find the ways to reduce the use of plastic, and see how this helps in practice.

Rules to Follow

You may set the following rules for your everyday activities:

  1. Take your canvas bag with you to supermarkets. Also, keep a few in your bag, in your car, and near your working place to have them handy in case needed.
  2. Use the glass or metal containers of multiple use to take food with you.
  3. Going to gym, make sure you have a bottle of water of multiple use.
  4. Have your cup for coffee to be filled every day. This will not only cancel the use of plastic cups, but will also save you some money, since some places offer a discount for customers, who come with their cups.
  5. Ask the waiter not to give you a plastic straw for your drinks.
  6. Make sure you have metal cutlery at office.
  7. Try to reduce the number of goods purchased online, as they are inappropriately packed with the excess of plastic and in a big box.
  8. Reuse the one-time plastic containers. It is not that difficult to wash them and pack your food inside them a few times more.

Set the Period for the Research

Define the time during which you will do your best to follow the research rules. This does not mean that you should not follow them further, but the thing is that the results will be measured within these timeframes. This may be a week, a month, or a few months. However, we think that 1 month is enough for getting the results to be used. Do not forget to make notes every time you managed to reduce the use of plastic.


Now, it is time to calculate your results. How many plastic items you have avoided during this period? For example, we can offer you to check the results of the similar experiment. One journalist has followed the same rules and managed to save 38 plastic straws, 34 plastic cups, 30 plastic bottles, 24 plastic bags and 19 plastic containers.


Now, find the way to deliver those surprising results in the most effective way. Use graphs and evidence to support your numbers. It will also be a good idea to analyze, how the environmental situation would change if everyone followed your example.

The Value of the Research

This research will have a scientific value adding to the data in the field, as well as educative one, because people may reconsider their behavior concerning the use of plastic.

So, carry out interesting and useful research to make this world a better place!