An Alternative Schooling

In this article, you will learn where to gain knowledge at schools, when you do not have the possibility to get it like people usually do.

An Old-Fashioned Schooling

The majority of people study in an ordinary school and have an ordinary conception of education. Take a look at if you need some more information about the common system of education. We go to a nursery school then change it for a primary one, after that move to a secondary and after all reach the higher schooling. Someone, who wasn’t successful enough in his/her test, went to a vocational or a specialized school. Each of us remembers the feeling of worry during parents’ meeting, denouncement of marks and graduation. Most of the children still hate school uniform, boring curriculum, as well as getting up early or preparing lessons each evening. Almost every pupil spoofed marks in the daybook, played truant, lagged behind from the least favorite subject and cheated in the class.

Alternative Schooling

Reasons for an Alternative Schooling

All these things apart education are just steps on the road to the social adaptation. However, sometimes there are situations when you do not have a possibility to be accepted by the society, and then you have to act on your own. Nevertheless, the humanity discovered the methods of studying that are convenient for the minority. People from this minority are very different. They could not go to school or university because of disability, illness, troubles with the law or just on their own reasons.


Actually, there are plenty of sources where people can learn new information if they need a certain skill. For example, a person lives in Australia and studies Mathematics at the university which is located not far from their house. However, what he/she wants indeed is to be a musician and the university of his/her dream is Berkley, situated in the USA. In the 21st century, he/she doesn’t have to buy a ticket and pay an unrealistic amount of money. Now a person is able to pass the needed course through Coursera. It is a platform with a plenty of courses for different specializations, which are taught by professors of the most popular universities. In addition to video lectures, there are tests, projects, home tasks and interactive textbooks. After the successful ending of the course, you might buy a licensed certificate straight from the university, in which the course was held. And what makes it extremely pleasant – it is free.

The Open University

Also, in developed countries, the government understands the needs of the society. That is why in 1967 in Great Britain “The Open University” was founded. You can get some more information on this matter just carrying out a little research on the web.

Who Can Benefit from It?

Such an administrative structure was opened for people who do not have enough time for ordinary universities, which are closed for such a part of the population. The audience of that university is multicultural, different in age and social determination. There are old people, who want to learn something new, young people, who haven’t even studied at school, professionals, who want to get a higher qualification, or women after maternity.

The Process

The students of it, as a rule, have a full-time job, so that is why they can study only ten hours a week. At any time, they might freely enter the building and find what they are searching for. By the way, there are recorded lectures and online translations on BBC television and radio. There is a support of a tutor for each student in case of emotional breaks under the pressure of work and unwillingness to study. A student can have a meeting or call a teacher in any time they need it. Besides, there is a self-help class, which is held each time at home of another student. It’s like a circle of people who have one aim. During the summer of the first studying in The Open University, the student must attend an ordinary university. A person spends a week in it attending classes, taking courses and working in a team atmosphere. Final exams are held in October, and the final mark is based on them and the assignments made during the year.

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