6 Ways to Motivate Employees

Human resources is an element of business that too many owners ignore. A good human resource manager or solid policies can impact a business’ ability to prosper. Business owners who invest in their people and keep workers happy can reduce turnover, retain, and attract top talent. Here are some of the best tips to making and keeping a solid team of employees.

Motivate Employees

Foster Relationships

Develop a relationship with your workers. Interact with them on a daily basis, and get to know them on a personal level. Reach out if they are having personal issues and show them that you care. Make sure to ask about their interests and where they want to go in the future. This will foster trust and make them feel like their boss and organization are invested in their well-being.

Encourage Innovations

If an employee has a new idea hears them out. Keep an open mind and encourage resourcefulness, even if a particular idea is not great.

Offer Incentives

Money isn’t everything, but it can go a long way. Offer small cash advances, paid leave, coupons, and rewards for achievements. If monetary rewards are not in the budget, simple acknowledgement in front of others can be enough.

Build a Team

Foster a team environment. Competition is good, but do not support bullying or social isolation of employees. Organize retreats, staff picnics, excursions and other bonding activities to build friendships.

Offer New Opportunities and Training

It is important that workers have the opportunity to advance and evolve in their careers. Good employees will always want to know what’s next. If they see room for advancement, they will feel more secure about their future with the company and are less likely to leave.


Ensure that all lines of communication remain open. Bosses that are approachable have more employee loyalty. Your employees must know they can come to you for help with minor or major issues.

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